industrial engineering
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1_1_2K D Vladimirov, P I Saraeva, T N Chernykh
Influence of process parameters of firing clay materials on phase composition and structure of ceramics
1_1_3K V Zhegera, N A Petuhova, A V Gargala
Analysis of quality of construction products by example of LLC "RTITS"
1_1_5P E Sokolov, S A Sentenberg
Application of clusterization algorithms for building materials classification on radioactivity in R
1_1_6I V Stefanenko, E E Gnedash, T K Akchurin
Methodological approaches to optimization of grain composition of heat-resistant concrete
1_1_7T N Vachnina, I V Susoeva, A ATitunin
Results of determination of thermal conductivity coefficient for board materials from plant waste
1_1_8A M Zhzhonykh, R A Nazirov, I S Inzhutov
Use of waste production of crystalline silicon in production of vacuum insulation
1_1_9A A Fomin, V A Saldaev, D B Prosvirnikov
Plant for production of wood polymeric paving slabs
1_1_10V A Saldaev, V G Gusev, A R Koryakin
Physics identification of formation process of wood polymer heat insulation material
1_1_11S A Stelmakh, E M Shcherban, M G Kholodnyak
Analysis of concrete deformation diagram, received by different ways of formation, and their separate layers
1_1_12E M Shcherban, S A Stelmakh, A Yu Prokopov
Features of change in strength and modulus of elasticity of various layers of vibrocentrifuged fiber-reinforced concrete columns of annular section
1_1_13V I Loganina, M V Frolov
Modifying additive for dry building mixtures
1_1_14A V Erofeev, V A Mikhaylov
On issue of equivalence of methods of accelerated aging to natural by example of modeling climate impacts by freeze-thaw cycles
1_1_15M A Zagorodnikova, S A Mamontov, V P Yartsev
Assessment of maintainability and resistance to external influences of PVC waterproofing membrane systems
1_1_16V A Perfilov
Fine-aggregate concrete with polymer and basalt fiber
1_1_17V A Perfilov
Fibre-reinforced foam concrete with hollow glass microspheres
1_1_18V P Popov, D V Popov and A Yu Davidenko
Effective non-destructive methods of evaluating quality of efficient building materials
1_1_19K V Zhegera, I S Pyshkina
The effect of aluminosilicate modifying additive on the deformation properties of adhesive dry building mixtures
1_1_20E V Petrova, N G Chumachenko, M N Baranova
Petrographic study of coarse-grained inclusions in clay raw materials
1_1_21L Yu Matveeva, A V Yastrebinskaya
Effect of coalescents on properties of protective styrene-acrylate latex coatings of oriented particle chipboards
1_1_22N P Lukuttsova, S N Golovin
Structurization of cement systems with nanodispersed silica stabilized with acetate ions
1_1_23I I Akulova, T V Shchukin, R A Sheps
Heat treatment of concrete products and structures: issues of strength and efficiencies
1_1_24I A Pavlova, M A Sapozhnikova, E P Farafontova
Lightening of ceramic bricks based on red-burning clay
1_1_25I A Pavlova, S S Kutasheva, E P Farafontova
Production technology of ceramic roof tiles based on raw materials of Ural region
1_1_28A T Pimenov
Impact of design decisions on quality of highways
1_1_29O E Smirnova, A P Pichugin
Structural and thermal insulation products based on vegetable raw materials
1_1_30V S Rudnov, V A Belyakov
Effective ways to reduce leaching and formation of efflorescence on structures
1_1_31G Vasilovskaya, A Yakshina, E Yanaev
Oil-treated gravel road pavements
1_1_32 E Mestnikov, V I Fedorov
Porous filler from foam-zeolite and light concretes based on it for conditions of the Arctic and the North
1_1_33S N Zolotukhin, O B Kukina, D E Barabash
Structure-forming role and properties of phosphogypsum in unburned technology of wall materials and rare-earth metals concentrate simultaneous production
1_1_36V V Yadykina, V A Grichanikov, A E Akimov
Influence of silica-containing materials surface properties on concrete structuring processes
1_1_37A D Egorova, K E Filippova
Ultra-disperse modifying zeolite-based additive for gypsum concretes
1_1_38L Matveeva, V Pakhtinov, Yu Tikhonov
Study of micromycete destructive power in gypsum and polymeric binding composite construction materials
1_1_39A R Mavlyuberdinov, I Kh Gaynutdinov, Yu V Evstigneeva
To issue of studying mechanism of increasing strength of porous ceramic crock
1_1_40N P Lukuttsova, S N Golovin, P A Artamonov
Heavy concrete with mineral additive tripoli
1_1_41Yu Krivoborodov, S Samchenko
Synthesis of high alumina cement based on metallurgy wastes
1_1_42A V Savin, V V Korolev and I V Shishkina
Determining service life of non-ballast track based on calculation and test
1_1_43A A Loktev, V V Korolev, E A Gridasova
Influence of high-frequency cyclic loading on mechanical and structural characteristics of rail steel under extreme conditions
1_1_44V V Chusov, N P Aleksandrova, V F Ignatov
Calculation of road clothes by elastic deflection criteria taking into account damage to asphalt concrete
1_1_45G F Averina, V A Koshelev, L Y Kramar
Combined roasting of raw materials modified by additives-intensifiers in form of low humidity sludge
1_1_46S Samchenko, Yu Krivoborodov
Improving crack resistance of concrete when using expanding cements
1_1_47E V Konopatskiy, S N Mashtaler, A A Bezditnyi
Study of high-strength steel fiber concrete strength characteristics under elevated temperatures using mathematical modelling methods
1_1_48I V Starostina, R G Shevtsova, Yu L Starostina
Application of oil-products-containing water treatment sludge in wall ceramics production
1_1_49K M Voronin, M B Permyakov, A M Davydova
Lime slag binding agent for road concrete
1_1_50S N Pogorelov, G S Semenyak, A O Kolmogorova
Method of determining electrotechnical characteristics of concrete
1_1_51S M Zerkal, N P Kislenko, V Yu Kornatskiy
Computer simulation of special tomographic defectoscopy
1_1_52G F Averina, R A Zhivtcova, O I Kovaleva
Modifying non-autoclaved foamed concrete technology on the magnesia cement with crystal starter seed infusion
1.2. ,
1_2_1S V Aleksikov, A I Leskin, D I Gofman
Computer technology of designing of optimum road constructions made of local materials
1_2_2N I Gorin, S A Ryabchun, O G Kulik
Wall panels for agricultural and industrial buildings
1_2_3S V Aleksikov, A I Leskin, D I Gofman
Study of strength characteristics of earthen cloth of roads in south of Russia
1_2_4Yu Ya Tyukalov
Calculation of circular plates with assuming shear deformations
1_2_5V I Korobko, A V Korobko, J E Lygina
Interrelation of rigidness of triangular cross-sections under bar torsion with conformal radii relation
1_2_6Mark P. Son
Experimental determination of yield in beam-to-column flange connections
1_2_7V G Polyakov, O G Chesnokova, T F Cherednichenko
Possibility of using super-thin liquid thermal insulation for protection of steel beams embedded in brick wall exterior under building reconstruction
1_2_8L M Artemyeva, A N Potapov and A V Razzhivina
Time analysis of dynamic response of spatial frame building under action of seismic forces
1_2_9A V Korobko, N G Kalashnikova, V O Tyurin
Geometric rigidity of torsion of thin-walled pipes: theory and experiment
1_2_10B I Pinus, P lshnikov
Fatigue behavior of concrete in cyclic low-temperature impacts
1_2_11V P Yartsev, A N Nikolyukin, A O Korneeva
Neural network modeling of concrete bond strength to reinforcement
1_2_12V I Sobolev, E V Zenkov
On possibility of local suppression of natural vibrations of elastic structures under shock effects
1_2_13I S Inzhutov, V I Zhadanov, P P Melnikov
Energy efficient building for arctic regions
1_2_15B I Pinus, A S Kustov
Low-cycle fatigue of concrete with alternating loads
1_2_16S Isupov, B Chaganov
Strength and stiffness of wood structures for compounds of gang nail plate "Steelcap"
1_2_17A L Krishan, M Yu Narkevich, A I Sagadatov
Compressed tube-concrete elements with the high-strength compression core and with fibreglass shell
1_2_18T Zolina
Program implementation of methodology for calculating and estimating residual life of frame of single-storey industrial building
1_2_19N V Bakaeva, A V Kalaydo
Determination of resistance to radon entry of underground walling at stage of construction design
1_2_20A S Vasilyev
Research of stressed-state stiffened hollow strengthened concrete slabs in cracked condition
1_2_21N A Buzalo, A G Kozhihov, N G Tsaritova
Supporting structures of machine-building enterprises of 1920-1930
1_2_22F Kh Akhmetzyanov, O V Radaykin, R A Ibragimov
On micro-level vulnerability of concrete surface layer in process of crystallization of hydrating Portland cement and upon mechanical load
1_2_23A N Shuvalov, O V Emelyanov, M G Kovalev
Impact of weld seams and connected elements parameters on stress concentration
1_2_24A A Koscheev, M V Lukin, S I Roshchina
Investigation of glued in bars strength and deformability indexes within framework of research of wood reinforcement with cable reinforcement
1_2_25A A Lukashevich, N K Lukashevich
Modelling and numerical solution of problems of structural mechanics with unilateral constraints and friction
1_2_26 Romanovich, Y Kleshcunov, A Vlasov
On potentiality and practicability of installing flooring suspended in geodesic domes by means of cable system
1_2_27G I Grebeniuk, N A Liuft, A V Nikolskii
Calculation for stability of centrally compressed rods of steered stiffness in existence of linearly deformable connections
1_2_28V A Eryshev
Numerical simulation in diagrams for concrete deformation in computations of strength of reinforced concrete elements in deformation model
1_2_30B V Labudin, E V Popov, T A Nikitina
Notes for calculated resistance to tension for laminated wood
1_2_31L Y Gnedina, V V Dolgusheva, V V Danko
Transformable structures
1_2_32N V Fedorova, S Yu Savin
Time of dynamic impact to elements of RC frame at column buckling
1_2_33M Yu Narkevich, A I Sagadatov
Strength and deformation property enhancement of compressed steel tube-concrete elements using super concrete and thin-shell structure
1_2_34L Adegova, V Frolova, S Losev
Study on characteristics of fatigue strength of ARALL composite in constructive elements
1_2_35N V Fedorova, T A Iliushchenko
Influence of pre-stressing over parameters of diagram of static-dynamic deformation of RC elements
1_2_36A L Krishan, E P Chernysova, M A Astafyeva
Behavior of compressed concrete in a glass fiber-reinforced shell
1_2_37A R Mavlyuberdinov, R N Mukminov
Research on problems of panel buildings
1_2_38N A Buzalo, A S Alexeeva and B A Chernykhovsky
Modelling framework joints in ANSYS software complex
1_2_39S Yu Katerinina, G V Voronkova, S S Rekunov
Construction of discrete analogs of differential equations for bending of plates and shells with discontinuous parameters based on spline approximation method
1_2_40A V Makarov, S S Rekunov
Strengthening bridge spans by composite materials
1_2_41A S Gribanov, V I Rimshin, S I Roshchina
Experimental investigations of composite wooden beams with local wood modification
1_2_42A A Varlamov, A M Davydova, V B Gavrilov
Factors determining characteristics of crack resistance of concrete structures
1_2_43B V Labudin, E V Popov, V V Sopilov
Stability of compressed sheathings of wood composite plate-ribbed structures
1_2_44T A Belash
Earthquake resistance of buildings with suspended structures
1_2_45T S Kiychenko, M V Tabanyukhova, N V Kharinova
Determination of stresses in truss rods: numerical and physical experiment
1_2_46A Budarin, V Alekhin, L Avdonina
Numerical modelling of the reinforced concrete beam shear failure
1_2_47L Avdonina, V Alekhin, E Shipulin
Use of monitoring system in Ekaterinburg
1_3_4A I Gnyrya, Yu A Abzaev, S V Korobkov
Phase composition of cement brick after different time of low temperature curing
1_3_5T Maleeva, L Selyutina, N Frolova
Use of modern technology of information modeling in capital construction object life cycle management
1_3_6K Gureev, U V Aftakhova and V S Gladkikh
Tools development for estimated cost management of construction and assembly works
1_3_8S A Chebanova, V G Polyakov, A V Azarov
Designing of organizational and technological solutions for construction in constrained urban environments
1_3_9E Pesotskaya, L Selyutina, L Egorova
Actual aspects of modeling method application in organization of construction management
1_3_10E E Burak, M N Zherlykina, Y A Vorobyeva
Experimental studies of pneumatic impulse booster when unloading cement from metal tanks
1_3_11A M Akhmedov
Innovative assembly line for building and major repair of main pipeline
1_3_12D Topchiy, A Lapidus
Design of organizational and industrial relations in the renovation of urban areas
1_3_13M Berseneva, G Vasilovskaya, E Danilovich
Psychological support of fly-in/fly-out labour for construction companies working in Far North
1_3_14V V Peshkov
Some aspects of construction industry development in 2018
1_3_15A V Peshkov
Features of estimation of intangible resources of investment and construction activity in cyclic dynamic
1_3_17M V Matveeva
Target focusing of innovation activity in building construction
1_3_19D G Imaykin, R A Ibragimov, Yu V Evstigneeva
Perfecting technology of winter concreting of cast-in-situ columns
1_3_20S G Abramyan, V G Polyakov, A V Grunin
Development of new tool joint for modular systems made of cellular polycarbonate
1_3_21L A Filimonova, N K Skvortsova
On the competitiveness of a construction project
1_4_1M N Zherlykina, M S Kononova, Y A Vorobeva
Emergency ventilation industrial premises of chemical industry enterprises
1_4_2V.I. Panferov, S.V. Panferov
To assessment of heat saving in automation of buildings heating systems
1_4_3A Akulshin, V I Shcherbakov, A S Uchaev
Selection of well screen parameters as aspect of water well design
1_4_4O Govorov, O Zubareva, V Govorov
Experience of reconstructing deferrization station
1_4_5N N Osipova, S S Kuznezov, A V Rulev
Modeling and studying basic parameters of tank sets in combined regasification
1_4_6P A Gorshkalev, M D Chernosvitov, D S Nikitina
Comparing pipelines made of different materials for replacement of old on-site pipelines of Kinel pumping-filtration plant
1_4_7E D Palagin, M A Gridneva, P G Bykova
Determination of design layer of rainfall for design of treatment facilities of surface runoff
1_4_8A K Strelkov, S Yu Teplyh, A O Bystranova
Purifying wastewater from dairy plant
1_4_9V M Kireev, A B Goltsov, A I Alifanova
Study of mutual work of Coanda channels in local ventilation systems
1_4_12Zh Govorova, V Semenovykh, V Medvedeva
Compact groundwater treatment units
1_4_13I Ya Lvovich, A P Preobrazhenskiy, O N Choporov
Modelling and optimizing engineering network systems
1_4_14O N Medvedeva, S I Astashev
Use of compressed gas heat utilizers in gas-compressor units
1_4_15E A Biryuzova
Study of factors affecting reliability and efficiency of heat supply system
1_4_16G N Trubitsyna, M M Surovtsov, V S Indykov
Study of aerodynamics of stream flow in server rooms using numerical modeling
1_4_17D V Skibo, M Y Tolstoy, K I Chizhik
Automated damping tank of sewage pumping stations
1_4_18A Akulshin, V I Shcherbakov, B M Kulmedov
Treatment of waste and drainage water by biosorption method in Voronezh region
1.5. ,
1_5_1I Yu Dezhina
Optimal design of foundations by means of nonlinear calculation methods
1_5_2E N Sychkina
Forecast of settlement of single pile based on hereditary creep
1_5_3A Nikitin
Vacuum consolidation for construction of motor road embankments in peat soil
1_5_4E Yu Kulikova
Assessment of operating environment of concrete lining of sewage collector tunnels
1_5_5O A Korobova, L A Maksimenko, A V Kuzmina
Sequence of calculation of anisotropic soil foundations on deformation
1_5_6G V Dolgih, V F Ignatov, V A Utkin
Parameters of strength and deformability of ash and slag mixture of Ekibastuz coals
1_5_7E S Sobolev, D S Morev
Comparative analysis of stability of embankment on the basis of torsional ring shear test
1_5_8A Z Ter-Martirosyan, L Yu Ermoshina
Experience in determining viscosity of soil on the basis of experimental studies
1_5_9A Z Ter-Martirosyan, V V Sidorov, A S Almakaeva
Consideration of parameters of underground structures interaction with soils when solving geotechnical problems
1_5_10O A Korobova, L A Maksimenko, O I Glushkova
Application of numerical methods in research of deformation anisotropy soil
1_5_11S K Davlatshoev, T A Yatimov, U A Yatimov
Research methods for seismoacoustic monitoring of large underground facilities
1_5_12A J Yatimov, T A Yatimov, U A Yatimov
Statistical analysis of field measurements during the excavation of mine workings and their assessment
1_6_1N S Kuvshinov
Investigation of possibilities of automated design of bolted connections in nanoCAD editor for building structures
1_6_2A L Kheifetc (Kheyfets)
Influence of date of computation of insolation duration on acceptable height and position of buildings
1_6_3E P Dubovikova
Developing professional competences in training construction engineering specialists
1_6_5A I Slabinskiy, S G Lebedev
Mounting clamps of building constructions
1_6_7Z O Tretyakova, M V Voronina, V A Merkulova
Geometric modelling of building forms using BIM, VR, AR-technology
1_6_8V N Vasilieva
Golden section based method of 3D modeling of icosahedron and dodecahedron in construction design
1_6_13Ye Win Tun, L V Markin
Methods of formation of receptor (voxel) geometric models for automated layout tasks
2. ,
2_1_1 V Davydova
New forms of synthesis in architectural and landscape design
2_1_2 V Davydova
Architectural education: translating internal potential into external actual
2_1_4S G Shabiev, M G Danilchuk
Ecological architecture of settlements as basis for improving life quality
2_1_5T Ya Vavilova
Improvement issues of architectural solutions of buildings and structures for botanical gardens in context of green economical aims
2_1_6T Ya Vavilova
Comfort of affordable housing in Russia. Analysis of current approaches in architectural theory
2_1_10O Rastyapina
Territorial transformations of urbanized systems
2_1_11O B Tereshina
Rotunda church in Russia as typological phenomenon
2_1_17 I Vorobyeva
Specific features of communicative advertising of construction goods
2_1_19N V Bakaeva, I V Chernyaeva
Quantitative assessment of infrastructure facilities availability in biosphere-compatible city functions implementation
2_1_20M D Voronina
Permitted use of land plots as most important legal characteristic of real estate unit
2_1_21L Surina
Approaches to design of navigation systems in public institutions
2_1_22S V Korniyenko, O P Kozlova, T N Astafurova
Increasing habitat sustainability in residential areas of the first mass series
2_1_25Y A Vorobeva, O V Kuripta, E E Burak
Concept of innovation center in Voronezh region, taking into account principles of "Smart region"
2_1_26A Gushchin, M Divakova
Role of cultural landscape in formation of urban identity by example of Ural towns
2_1_27T V Belyaeva
Dynamic architecture. Interaction with city, nature, man
2_1_28T J Bystrova
Fractal properties of settlement system as factor of its sustainability: Ural in the 18th20th centuries
2_1_29N V Korosteleva, OA Rastyapina
Integration of industrial territories into the urban environment
2_1_30O O Smolina
Architecture and planning in arrangement of bionic pieces in modern urban landscape
2_1_31V F Sidorenko, V V Balakin, A V Antyufeyev
Protection of pedestrian zones and residential areas from vehicle emissions by trees and shrubbery planting technique
2_1_32V V Balakin, A V Antyufeyev, V F Sidorenko
Aeration mode of main streets in high-density development
2_1_33A N Gorbunova
Million-city site plan problems (Voronezh Case)
2_1_34A A Kim
Development of Sanjianlianglang in Guangzhou (China) in late the 19th the first half of the 20th century by example of county-level city Kaiping
2_1_35M V Korosteleva, N V Korosteleva
Planning territory as control element city development
2_1_36V Yudin
Panel low-rise building with possibility of changing internal and external space.
2_1_38A V Antyufeev, O A Antyufeeva
Linear cities: controversies, challenges and prospects
2_1_39G A Ptichnikova, A V Antyufeev
The four factors influencing media architecture
2_1_40N A Teleshova
Modern approaches to preservation and development of historical objects of culture
2_1_42Y S Yankovskaya, A G Vaytens
Renovation of mass residential development in late 1950s - early 1970s in St. Petersburg: problems and perspectives
2_1_43T A Smolianinova
Features of location in urban structure of buildings of Russian-Soviet consulate in Harbin
2_1_44S V Ilvitskaya, V A Lobkov, T V Lobkova
Natural materials in sustainable architecture building system
2_1_45M E Bazilevich
Creative heritage of architects of Blagoveshchensk city (the second half of the 19th the early 20th century)
2_1_46M E Bazilevich
"Brick style" in creative work of Russian Far East architects (the second half of the 19th - early 20th century)
2_1_47A I Kulakov, V S Shishkanov
Comprehensive assessment of tourist potential of Babushkin Street in Irkutsk
2_1_48A I Kulakov, A U Ri
Preservation of original appearance of Irkutsk
2_1_49O O Smolina
Variability of approaches to arborsculptures
2_1_50T V Sheina, I D Gud
Biopositive materials and green technologies in low-rise architecture
2_1_51N V Ivanova, I Y Podkovyrov, V K Sagomonyan
Methodological aspect of landscape and ecological reconstruction of Green ring around Volgograd (Stalingrad)
2_1_52V V Prokopenko, O A Ganzha, O A Rastyapina
Urban ecology features of large city disturbed territory development (case of Volgograd)
2_1_55A V Kostsov
Studying impact of on-ramp from multi-lane highways on the basis of experimental studies of traffic flows
2_1_56V F Kasyanov, R V Silin
Method for multi-criteria evaluation of urban parks
2_1_57D S Tceluiko
Influence of Shamanism, Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism on development of traditional Chinese gardens
2_1_60D V Berezin
Earth-sheltering effect on dwelling in cold climate: simulation-based and theoretical approaches
2_1_61D V Berezin
Overheating in residential areas: role of reflected solar radiation
2_1_62O Ye Zheleznyak
Comfortable environment: illusions and reality of color gentrification
2_1_63E M Bazilevich
M.A. Genendlis forgotten decorator (from history of development of fine art in city of Khabarovsk 30-50s of the twentieth century)
2_1_64A F Krasnopolskii
Union of land and water
2_1_65Milena Zolotareva
Regulating architectural and civil engineering process in Russia in the 18th the beginning of the 20th century
2_1_66E V Khorokhova
Innovations in solving current issues in architectural and spatial city environment
2_1_67I L Pershina
On study and accounting of geophysical fields in architectural space of sacral purpose
2_1_68T Apatenko, O Bezlyubchenko
Energy-efficient solutions for buildings on thermal design basis
2_1_69A E Semina, S V Maximova
Digital census of Upper Kama towns architectural and urban environment
2_1_70E Shyshkin, K Viatkin, S Romanenko
Issues and prospects of planning of territories of newly created territorial communities (using Starosaltovska unified territorial community as example)
2_1_71N L Antonova, E V Grunt
Citizens role in formation of urban environment design
2_1_72M N Kokarevich, V G Lankin, V Y Voytsekhovskaya
Synergetics as heuristic background of modern architecture and urbanism
2_1_73A N Pankeieva, K I Viatkin, A V Zavalnyi1
Algorithm of allocation of territories included to agglomerations
2_1_74V Dormidontova, A Belkin
Villa Gamberaia compositional features
2_1_75A I Kulakov, Y V Krakovtseva
Problems of transit area interior space of railway stations including those referred to monuments of architectural heritage
2_1_76A V Merenkov, N S Akchurina, T M Matveeva
Basic principles of green architecture in foreign realization experience
2_1_77N A Saprykina
Concept of organizing autonomous architectural objects as new paradigm of habitat
2_1_78L A Filimonova, Y G Skrigalovskaya, Y A Deviatkina
To issue of territory renovation
2_1_79A N Khait, A S Kovalyov
On issue of justification for implementation of construction project of sports complex for residential district tura in city of Tyumen
2_1_81M B Permyakov, V Krasnova
Architectural and design approaches to creation of comfortable urban environment
2_1_82I N Maltseva, N N Kaganovich
Ecological approach to architectural design of hippological centers
2_1_83E R Polyantseva
Educational building safety
2_1_84Z Umorina
Application of bionic architecture methods as future-oriented approach of modern architecture development in Russia
2_1_86V D Olenkov, I V Lazareva, A D Biryukov
Numerical simulation of wind flow around building complex with different software approaches
2_1_87T Orlovskaya
Comparative research on socio-economic development of Russian megacities
2_1_89I V Tarasova, A V Shvets
Architectural process in Russia in second half of the 20th - early 21st century
2_1_90S Ershova, T Orlovskaya
Differentiation of Russian megacities by level of investment in comprehensive residential development
2_1_91E A Dorozhkina
"Green architecture" in aspect of ecologization of buildings in the urban environment
2_1_93V V Molodin, Y Vasenkov
Technology of polystyrene concrete caps manufacturing for warm deck flat roofs by electric heating method.
2_1_94V V Molodin, D Ivanov, I M Makarikhina
Migration of moisture at concreting constructions on frozen concrete base
2_1_95L Guzikova
Construction industry with increased and uncompensated occupational risk
3.1. ,
3_1_1M Shubin
Technological problems of protection of coastal urban areas
3_1_2S G Emelianov, N V Bakaeva, D P Zuleta
Criteria for reconstruction of urban environment on principles of harmonizing nature, society and human being
3_1_3V N Anopin, T A Sabitova, S A Kalinovsky
Performance of surveying to assess man-made risks in operation of industrial facilities by example of Volgograd agglomeration
3_1_4A N Lopanov, A V Yastrebinskaya, A S Edamenko
Reduction of individual carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic risks on impact area resulted from operation of construction industry enterprises
3_1_5S S Timofeeva, D V Skibo
Working conditions of housing and communal services system and innovative technology to minimize occupational hazards for plumbers of emergency repair services
3_1_6E V Kolodezhnaya, M S Garkavi, N G Novikova
Features of material composition of slag incineration plants
3_1_7Yu A Izvekov, E A Puzankova, I A Vahrusheva
Risk acceptance criteria for complex technical systems
3_1_8Yu A Izvekov, O A Torshina
Mathematic modelling of reliability, safety and risk indicators related to equipment elements existing at iron and steel enterprise
3_1_9N V Gorlenko, M A Murzin
Comparative analysis of fire risks in coal and oil and gas industries
3_1_10L I Belykh, K A Shaimanova
Sources of carcinogenic risks for atmosphere of Irkutsk Region cities
3_1_11N V Gorlenko, S S Timofeeva
Assessment of environmental damage to atmospheric air during development of oil and gas fields
3_1_12M S Leonova, S S Timofeeva, M A Murzin
Dust load in silicon production and occupational risks
3_1_13S V Ivanova, I A Ryabchikova
Ecological human health risk in aluminum producing areas of Baikal region
3_1_14R A Burkhanova, V N Azarov
Investigation of chrysotile asbestos dust in air of working zones and environment
3_1_15N V Bakaeva, K V Garmonov, R A Sheps
Measures to improve environmental safety of urban gas stations
3_1_16A S Tyusenkov, O A Nasibullina
Corrosion of tubing of oil fields
3_1_17V F Sidorenko, A V Ignatyev, A A Abroskin
Methodology of motor transport air pollution monitoring of large city taking into account residential development type
3_1_18S G Abramyan
Determining influence of natural and man-made factors on safe performance of trunk pipelines
3_1_19V A Verkhozina, E V Verkhozina, V V Verkhoturov
Evaluation of results of changes in bacterial strains in ecosystem of lake Baikal
3_1_20D Sh Sibgatulina, A R Khabibullina, E V Muraveva
Environmental and economic damage during the operation of sludge collectors
3_1_21A S Tyusenkov, O A Nasibullina
Inhibitory anticorrosive protection of oilfield equipment
3_1_22V I Pavlenko, R N Yastrebinsky, A A Karnauhov
Reduction of technology risk at NPP during radioactive waste management
3_1_23E V Arefeva, E V Muraveva, T Yu Frose
Considering emergency hazards in construction and operation of infrastructures
3_1_24I O Doshlov, N P Konovalov, K I Chizhik
Reducing environmental load of aluminum production by selecting coke-pitch compositions
3_1_26N A Litvinova
Filtering of outside air in HVAC inlet plenums in urban environment
3_1_27A V Kuzmin, T Yu Froze
Is it safe to transport dangerous goods by road? (Environmental safety associated with dangerous goods transportation by road)
3_1_28T Yu Gumerov, L N Gorina, L Z Gabdukaeva
Assessment of risk associated with drinking water with respect to indicators of olfactory and reflex effect
3_1_29V Makarenko, T Pozdnyakova, I Revutskaya
How local environmental restrictions affect environmental situation in urban system
3_1_31E V Klimova, A Yu Semeykin, E A Nosatova
Assessment of personal and behavioral qualities of workers in system of interactive incident forecasting and occupational safety management
3_1_33N Yu Kiryushina, A Yu Semeykin, O N Sharapov
Assessment of environmental risk of municipal solid waste Landfill (by example of the city of Belgorod)
3_1_34E V Arefeva, E V Muraveva, E I Alekseeva
The issues of sustainability of historical and cultural areas associated with their periodic underflooding and solutions
3_1_35O Bezborodova
Concept of integrated monitoring of territorial technosphere state
3_1_36E V Zhilyakov, M S Monakhov, I Yu Tomus
Technosphere safety of West Siberian region and protection of human health in aspects of biogeochemical living conditions and man-made development of region
3_1_37N M Sergina, S V Shurshikov and D V Lyga
Issues of protection of atmospheric air against dust pollution in production of construction materials
3_1_38S V Maksimova, G M Batrakova
Analysis of air pollution and noise on low-speed streets
3_1_39N M Rashevskiy, B Kh Sanzhapov
Approach to modeling the spread of pollutants in air by the example of Volgograd
3_1_40P A Sydyakin, E N Belaya, D V Shchitov
Impact of traffic flows on environmental situation in resort cities
3_1_41K Y Kozhemyatov, Y A Bulauka
Analysis of equipment life cycle at oil refinery
3_1_42A I Yuhno, N K Plugotarenko
Application of risk-based approach in design of water supply systems
3_1_43V Yu Starostina
Assessment of territorial impact of industrial mercury pollution and proposal for its solution
3_1_44M V Volkodaeva, O A Taranina, Ya A Volodina
Functional zoning of urban areas with regard to environmental quality is one of ways to create more favourable conditions for life
3_1_45V P Ivannikov, A V Kabakova, A Yu Chaykina
Press-fit joints study by multiangle ultrasonic sounding method
3_1_46M V Ryabuhina, R A Maiski, R G Kalyakina
Transboundary air pollution and its effects on vegetation
3_1_47R G Kalyakina, R A Maiski, M V Ryabukhina
Influence of different forms of iron on the morphobiological indicators of Pinus sylvestris
3_1_48V E Konovalov, V A Pochechun, A I Semyachkov
Use of overburden and enclosing formations generated in the course of exploitation of mineral deposits
3_1_49B V Sevastyanov, R O Shadrin
On the results of applying fuzzy logic in the analysis of industrial injury rates aspects for the magnesium silicate waste treatment
3_1_50D M Kostin, B V Sevastyanov, R O Shadrin
Categorization and gradation of hazardous actions of industrial workers: methodological aspects
3_1_51I V Shadrunova, O E Gorlova, V A Zhilina
The new paradigm of an environmentally-driven resource-saving technologies for processing of mining
3_2_1E I Vialkova, O V Sidorenko and E S Glushchenko
Qualitative composition and local pretreatment of dairy wastewaters
3_2_2I V Pchelnikov, R V Fedotov, A Yu Cherkesov
To selection of low-wear anode coatings based on iridium, ruthenium, titanium and tantalum oxides for direct electrolysis of natural waters
3_2_4S A Popova, G G Matafonova, V B Batoev
Removal of organic micropollutants from water by sonophotolytic-activated persulfate process
3_2_5Yu K Rubanov, N A Miroshnichenko, T V Kozlova
Method of wastewater treatment from emulsified petroleum products
3_2_7R N Yastrebinsky, V I Pavlenko, A A Karnauhov
Reduction of radioactive contamination of surface of steel structures of contour NPP equipment
3_2_9S Yu Andreev, I A Garkina, M I Yakhkind
Evaluating the patterns of air bubble rise in water-air mixtures used in natural and waste water treatment processes
3_2_11S V Fedorova
Studies on contact interaction of mica and glass
3_2_12G N Akhobadze
Practical application of digital control methods in ecological systems
3_2_13E M Evsina, T V Alikova, N V Zolotareva
Removal of radionuclides and toxic metal ions from water with use of new highly effective sorbiting material
3_2_14D Sh Sibgatulina, A I Shakirova, N E Danilina
Rationale for engineering activities to prevent and reduce adverse impact of accidents at low-head hydraulic structures
3_2_15N Yu Kiryushina, T A Vasilenko, O N Sharapov
Purification of aqueous media from copper ions using extracts from wood processing waste (Oak Bark)
3_2_16S Ts Khankhasaeva
Heterogeneous catalytic system " Fe -aluminosilicate / hydrogen peroxide" for liquid-phase oxidation of phenol
3_2_18Zh Sapronova, S Sverguzova, A Svyatchenko
Use of municipal vegetative waste as raw material for sorbent production
3_2_19S Sverguzova, I Shaykhiev, R Valiev
Study of ion exchange at test solutions purification from nickel (II) ions with gabbro-diabase from abzakovo deposit
3_2_20V V Khaustov, V V Bredikhin, T V Khaustova
Treatment technology of liquid phase at industrial waste landfill
3_2_21T Yu Gumerov, L N Gorina
Special aspects of coagulation and floculation processes in wastewater treatment
3_2_22S V Badmaeva
Perspectives for use of technological waste to obtain carbon-mineral sorbents
3_2_23E Ts Dashinamzhilova
atalytic purification of aqueous solutions of synthetic dyes using modified forms of bentonite
3_2_24I V Starostina, D V Stolyarov, M M Kosukhin
Extracting copper (II) ions from model solutions with carbon containing adsorption material
3_2_26S Ts Khankhasaeva
The use of Al2O3 - pillared clay in cleaning of aqueous solutions from surfactants
3_2_27A F Aminova, G U Yarmuhametova, A K Mazitova
Mathematical simulation of wastewater cleanse processes with high content of toxic organic water pollutants
3_2_28D G Aseev, D S Krasnekov
High frequency ultrasound enhanced oxidation of bisphenol a by Fenton-like systems
3_2_29M Y Dyagelev, V G Isakov, E V Grakhova
?-factor experimental determination of aeration system in aeration tanks
3_2_30M Y Dyagelev, V G Isakov, E V Grakhova
Denitrification rates determination in the process of removing nitrogen from wastewater
3_2_32A K Mazitova, A F Aminova, I A Sukhareva
Purification of wastewater of some construction materials production
3_2_33S A Koshkarev, I V Stefanenko, K S Koshkarev
Complex dispersed analysis of particles applying in output hydrodynamic criteria decreasing dust leakage throw collectors of aspiration in construction industry
3_2_34S A Andreeva
Cleaning high-concentration wastewaters left after styrene and propylene oxide production
3_2_35N V Kuznetsova, N A Drapalyuk, T V Shchukina
Anaerobic digestion technology improving by biogas production safety development
3_2_36R N Abdrakhmanova, N N Orehkova, O E Gorlova
Adaptation of the SAVMIN process for mine water treatment
3_2_37B A Tsybikova, A A Batoeva
Photooxidation of cyanide in mining effluents
3_2_39E S Glushchenko, E I Vialkova, O V Sidorenko
Probiotics as one of methods for dairy wastewaters treatment intensification