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"Строительство, архитектура и техносферная безопасность' 2020"

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Раздел 1. Промышленное и гражданское строительство
Секция 1.1. Строительные материалы и изделия
1_1_1V I Loganina, Y B Mazhitov
Estimation of porosity of coatings based on sol of silicate paint
1_1_2A I Leskin, S V Aleksikov, D I Gofman
Organic composite binder improving the physical and mechanical properties of low-strength stone materials
1_1_3A A Orlov, M Yu Belkanova, R K Lymar
The impact of the formation conditions and properties of the water treatment plants sludge on its usage in the ceramic bricks production
1_1_4A V Erofeev, V A Mikhaylov
Determination of optimal technological parameters for the manufacture of small architectural forms of gypsum by dyeing in bulk based on an analysis of consumer preferences
1_1_5A A Orlov, T N Chernykh, V V Zimich
Peculiarities of hardening of an astringent system based on orthophosphoric acid and serpentine with an admixture of magnesite
1_1_6V Loganina, T Uchaeva
Statistical assessment of damnification risk due to inconformity of paint coating quality
1_1_7L Ilina, L Tatski, L Baryshok
Quality Improvement of semi-dry pressing ceramic bricks from low-quality raw materials by the directional additives
1_1_8T N Vachnina, I V Susoeva, A A Titunin
Improvement of fire protection of wood board and textile materials for premises with a massive stay of people
1_1_9M D Butakova
Investigation of the effects of fuel slag on the properties of gypsum mixtures
1_1_10B Ya Trofimov, L Ya Kramar, K V Shuldyakov
Methods of assessing the durability of high performance concrete
1_1_11B Ya Trofimov, A M Mahmudov
The Structure and Properties of Hardened Cement Paste with Modifiers
1_1_12G F Averina, V A Koshelev, L Y Kramar
The effect of a plasticizer based on polymethylene naphthalene sulfonic acids on the structure of a magnesian stone
1_1_13A Pimenov, L Barakhtenova, V Pribylov
The use of metallurgy waste in the roads sustainability improving
1_1_14S V Leontev, V A Shamanov
Process control system software (in the context of autoclaved aerated concrete production)
1_1_15R A Burkhanova, T K Akchurin, I V Stefanenko
Modified heat-resistant concrete using slag aggregates
1_1_16V A Perfilov
Acoustic method for measurement of crack width in concrete
1_1_18E V Muruzina, S V Zonina
Composite materials in building structures using 3D technology
1_1_19V A Perfilov
Measurement of crack growth speed in concrete by acoustic emission and mechanics of damage methods
1_1_20R Kh Khuziahmetov, R A Ibragimov, R N Khuziahmetova
Production process of dolomite-based facing building materials
1_1_21I G Korneeva, B I Pinus
Energy aspects of low-cycle fatigue оf fibropolypropylene concrete
1_1_22L V Ilina, I N Mukhina, A K Tulyaganov
Optimal dry mixes simulating
1_1_24A O Zhurbenko, A V Likhachev, M V Tabanykhova
Piezooptical properties of ice
1_1_25E Bartenjeva
The effect of mineral additives on foam concrete porosity
1_1_26S N Pogorelov, G S Semenyak, A O Kolmogorova
Sol-gel technology for the production of high-strength refractory materials based on binders
1_1_28I I Popov, M V Shitikova
Impulse excitation technique and its application for identification of material damping: an overview
1_1_29I S Pulyaev, S M Pulyaev
Methods for ensuring the required consumer properties for the construction of transport facilities in an accelerated time frame
1_1_31A V Erofeev, T I Gorokhov, R N Drannikov
Comparative analysis of thermofluctuation constants of polyvinyl chloride plates obtained in various ways
1_1_32O E Smirnova, A V Krasova
Application of surface wastewater sludge in the production of composite building materials
1_1_33O B Kukina, V V Volkov, O A Volokitina
Transformation of non-firing technology issues for construc-tion composite production from particulates using phos-phogypsum
1_1_35S N Zolotukhin, A V Andreev, V P Volokitin
Non-firing materials using clay soils
1_1_37A V Belousova
Imported products in construction activities: quantitative analysis of relationship (case of the Russian Far East)
1_1_38L I Khudyakova, S L Buyantuev, V T Buyantuev
Basalts of the Republic of Buryatia and their suitability for obtaining mineral fibres
1_1_39V A Koshelev, O I Kovaleva, G F Averina
Algorithm formulation for adjusting the estimated composition of concrete mixture taking into account relevant properties of the raw materials
1_1_40I Ya Lvovich, A P Preobrazhenskiy, O N Choporov
Development of a simulation model for the supply of spare parts for heating equipment
1_1_41A V Vyboishchik, M Yu Popov
Contemporary methods for production of Prussian blue
1_1_42I VZaporotskova ,Y S Bakhracheva, N P Boroznina
Theoretical and experimental researches of operating properties of bitumen reinforced with carbon nanotubes
1_1_43V P Popov, D V Popov, A Yu Davidenko
Estimation of concrete durability using kinetic characteristics of its destruction
1_1_45A K Strelkov, P G Bykova, M A Gridneva
Purification of fat-containing effluents with probiotic substances
1_1_46S N Pogorelov, A V Bagdueva, A O Kolmogorova
A ??Building material science glossary’ mobile application for Chinese international students
1_1_47T N Chernykh, S A Bondarenko, V V Zimich
Study of natural self-healing of materials based on inorganic binders
Секция 1.2. Строительные конструкции, здания и сооружения
1_2_1Yu Ya Tyukalov
Calculation of the circular plates’ stability in stresses
1_2_2S V Aleksikov, A I Leskin, D I Gofman
Methodology of calculating the moisture content of soil reserves during the construction of an earth bed
1_2_4A S Vasilyev, E A Plehanova, Bai Xiaolong
Improving calculating theory of multiple-cavity reinforced concrete floor panels
1_2_5A A Lukashevich, N K Lukashevich, E A Kobelev
Mixed finite element formulation based on the discontinuous stress approximation
1_2_6G Grebeniuk, E Lukin, E Nagaitseva
Optimizing the centrally compressed step-variable stiffness rods
1_2_7E A Kobelev, N K Lukashevich
Solving the contact problem when strengthening the slab with a beam using discontinuous functions
1_2_8S A Isupov
Experimental substantiation by choosing basic variant of plates with cylindrical dowels
1_2_9A V Grecheneva, N V Dorofeev, E S Pankina
Modeling of the complex “Ground Base - Foundation - Construction - External Influences” taking into account the cyclic technogenic vibrational loads
1_2_10L Adegova, T Kolesova, E Kolokolkina
Study of the stressed state in the layers of the composite material of the construction element
1_2_11R T Brzhanov , G G Baysarova
Investigation of the deformation of elastic rods under thermomechanical loading
1_2_12A V Makarov, S A Kalinovsky
Economical reinforced concrete overpass. Graphical method of calculation.
1_2_13A T Khotamov
The value of the intensity of wear to ensure the durability of multi-apartment housing in the renovation of residential areas
1_2_14R T Brzhanov, G. Bulekbayeva
Rolling of a weld pad on a flat surface. One-dimensional problem
1_2_15S Yu Savin, V I Kolchunov, P A Korenkov
Experimental research methodology for the deformation of RC frame under instantaneous loss of column
1_2_16V G Nizameev, F F Basharov, L V Nizameeva
Behavior of a profiled sheeting on compression with bending
1_2_17V S Kuznetsov, Yu A Shaposhnikova, A A Yandiev
Selection of the optimal parameters of a reinforced concrete rectangular beam with single reinforcement
1_2_18N A Likhachev
X-ray limited-angle tomography of cracks
1_2_19A P Shabaldin, N V Kharinova
Study of stresses in plane truss nodes
1_2_20A E Polikutin, A V Levchenko,Yu B Potapov
Method for calculating deflections of beams made of rubber concrete
1_2_22Vu Thi Bich Quyen, Dao Ngoc Tien, Nguyen Thi Lan Huong
Geometrically nonlinear buckling analysis of truss under mechanical and thermal load based on mixed finite element formulation
1_2_23Tran Thi Thuy Van, Ngo Dinh Tung, Nguyen Trung Kien
Finite element analysis of plane frame systems with different models of semi-rigid connections
1_2_24V Alpatov, M Balzannikov
Using modern CAE systems for assessing the building structures made of traditional building materials technical condition
1_2_25V Alpatov, I Laguta
Research of multiple metal rods joining node in spatial construction, using one welding connection
1_2_28N V Fedorova, N T Vu , T A Iliushchenko
The effect of energy dissipation on the dynamic response of reinforced concrete structure
1_2_29T Belash, S Travin
The use of long-span coating plates in case of reconstruction of “wet” spent nuclear fuel storage facilities
1_2_30K E Nikitin, D I Zhukov, V S Moskovtseva
Study of bonding zone composite reinforced structures
1_2_31V B Filatov
Finite element modelling reinforced concrete beam in transverse bending zone
1_2_32M V Shitikova, E I Osipova, E Y Rossikhina
Internal resonances in nonlinear fractionally damped plates of the uflyand-mindlin type
1_2_33T A Belash, M S Belashov
The use of damping devices to increase the seismic resistance of frame buildings
1_2_34Vu Thi Bich Quyen, Dao Ngoc Tien, Pham Van Dat
Treatment of multi freedom constraints in geometrically nonlinear stability analysis of truss structures using penalty function method
1_2_35K Z Khayrnasov
Differences in the calculation of reinforcement in reinforced concrete floor slabs, calculated in the LIRA program according to the theories of Wood R H and Karpenko N I
1_2_36A M Krygina, Y A Koshlich, M I Oberemok
Research of features of increasing operational reliability of historical buildings in Russia
1_2_37N Degtyarev, S Pridvizhkin, V Salnikov
Automatic assembly of wind load from BIM-model
1_2_39O V Dushko, G V Voronkova, S S Rekunov
Bar structures calculation by the method of discrete elements with generalized unknowns in aggressive environments
1_2_40E V Zenkov
Research of the carrying ability of compressed racks of the C-shaped profile from the light steel thin-walled structures
1_2_41M A Aseyev, K A Tabanykhov, M V Tabanykhova
Search for plastics with piezo optic properties
1_2_43E P Sharovarova, V N Alekhin, L I Avdonina
The potential for the development of renewable energy generation in Russian territories where the power supply system is decentralized
1_2_44E P Sharovarova, V N Alekhin, A Y Skachkov
Multilayer facade panel structure analysis
Секция 1.3. Технология и организация строительства
1_3_2A Kh Baiburin
Accuracy estimate of technological processes as exemplified by construction works
1_3_4D Topchiy, A Bolotova
Risk management in monolithic construction
1_3_5A V Kiyanets
Energy efficient wall design with stay-in-place formwork
1_3_6B V Zhadanovsky, V E Bazanov
Technological features of application of plaster solutions with ground quicklime
1_3_7L A Guzikova, N V Neelova
Agreements of participation in shared construction: relationship of legal, tax and accounting aspects
1_3_8E Pesotskaya, L Selyutina, E Trushkovskaya
Creation of integrated interaction monitoring in the construction companies management
1_3_10M V Matveeva
The processes of the organization and construction management in the activities of small and medium businesses
1_3_11V V Peshkov
Organization of construction in the aspect of strategic development programs for the construction industry
1_3_13O Bukunova, A Bukunov
Management of deconstruction of construction objects
1_3_14I G Maizel, I V Maizel, V V Platonov
Digital technology in the construction of Norwegian house
1_3_16S G Abramyan, O V Oganesyan
Development of lining formwork for column expansion during reconstruction of building and structures
Секция 1.4. Инженерные сети и оборудование
1_4_1V P Rybalskya
The effectiveness of implementation grid energy storage in power supply systems
1_4_2S V Panferov, V I Panferov
Pulse control of temperature mode of buildings with elevator system connection heating
1_4_3L G Starkova, E K Doroshenko, D A Zotova
Optimization of ventilation of an indoor ice rink by numerical simulation of air flows
1_4_4Е Yu Anisimova
Methodology for calculating the ineffective diameter of thermal insulation
1_4_5E A Biryuzova, А S Glukhanov
Improving energy efficiency and reliability of heating networks through the use of multilayer thermal insulation structures
1_4_6B P Novoseltsev, M N Zherlykina, K V Garmonov
Maintenance of heat stability of the heating system work in a structure
1_4_7I U Shelekhov, E I Smirnov, M I Shelekhov
Backup thermoelectric sources of electric energy
1_4_8A V Milyaeva, T V Shchukina and I I Kasatkina
Analysis of the water absorption capacity of reed for use in eco-friendly filters
1_4_9I S Kurasov, T V Shchukina, A A H Al Saedi
Concerning the issue of alternative cold supply for building climate control systems
1_4_10V R Chupin, D I Maizel
The methodology of redundant design schemes and the method of contour minimization for tracing systems of field gas and oil pipelines
1_4_11A Bahmetev, V Khuzin
Regularities of operation cartridge filters
1_4_12S V Fedorova
An analysis of IT outsourcing models in the digital education process
1_4_13O N Medvedeva, A Yu Chilikin
Reliability method for the gas distribution networks
1_4_14L G Starkova, M S Shcherbak, V S Indykov
Developing optimal ventilation system for a pasta production workshop using mathematical model
1_4_15P A Gorshkalev, M D Chernosvitov, E G Porshina
Study of factors affecting the reliability and efficiency of the heat supply system
1_4_16A K Strelkov, A O Bazarova, S Yu Teplykh
Purification of fat-containing effluents with probiotic substances
1_4_17S Yu Teplykh, D S Bochkov, A O Bazarova
Mathematical modeling of water supply and sewerage systems
Секция 1.5. Основания и фундаменты, подземные сооружения
1_5_1V Kim, M Kim
Taking into account nonlinear character of heaving pressure development at frost penetration into the soil in confined space
1_5_2R T Brzhanov, M Zh Nigmetov
Oscillations of offshore drilling platforms on layerd anisotropic base
1_5_3A G Polyankin, A Potokina, E Yu Kulikova
Geotechnical risk assessment during the construction of international crossing under the runways of Sheremetyevo airport
1_5_4O A Korobova, L A Maksimenko
Recommendations accounting for anisotropy in the calculation of soil bases
1_5_5S I Evtushenko, M N Shutova, V N Pikhur
The estimation of efficiency from application the local strengthening of strip foundations by short piles
1_5_6D R Safin
Experimental studies of a weak clay base reinforced with sand piles
1_5_7K S Sultanov, B E Khusanov, B B Rikhsieva
Mathematical model of underground structure-soil interaction
1_5_8E S Sobolev, A Z Ter-Martirosyan
Management of the dynamic properties of a base modified by deep soil mixing technology
1_5_9U A Yatimov, A J Yatimov, E A Yatimov
The nature of the dynamic stress field formation around the underground hydraulic mine workings
1_5_10U A Yatimov, A J Yatimov, T A Yatimov
Consolidation of rocks in chamber workings and tunnels during the construction of underground hydroelectric power plants
Секция 1.6. Инженерная и компьютерная графика в строительном проектировании
1_6_1N V Kovaleva, A V Fedorova, D A Pashyan
Algorithms of generating cuspidal edges of developable surfaces
1_6_2V A Korotkiy, L I Khmarova
Computer modelling of architectural forms based on ruled surfaces with imaginary axes
1_6_3V A Korotkiy, E A Usmanova
Wedge-shaped surfaces with constant length generators in architectural design
1_6_4A Sudarikov, V Merkulova, Z Tretyakova
Computer modeling using the example of a tubing support in the training of mining engineers in the digital economy
1_6_5N.S. Kuvshinov
Possibilities of computer-aided design of flange connections in pipe fittings based on the nanoCAD Mechanics graphic editor
1_6_6A L Kheifetc (Kheyfets)
Chasles’ mystic tetrahedron
1_6_7E V Konopatskiy, A I Bumaga, A A Bezditnyi
Geometric approach to finding the best possible solutions based on composition optimization of the mixed aggregate of fine-grained concrete
1_6_8Ye Win Tun, L V Markin
Usage of receptor (voxel) geometric models in the tasks of evaluating the ergonomics of engineering equipment of building structures
Раздел 2. Архитектура, урбанистика и дизайн
2_1_1V A Kolyasnikov
Strategy of spatial development in urban planning Russia
2_1_2V Yu Spiridonov, S G Shabiev
Smart urban planning: modern technologies for ensuring sustainable territorial development
2_1_3V Yu Spiridonov, S G Shabiev
The urban planning information platform: progressive methods of planning and managing the sustainable development of territories
2_1_7M Yu Sidorenko, Zh V Ponomareva
Factory towns of the Urals. The uniqueness of the planning structures of these towns
2_1_8L Surina
Systematic approach to design
2_1_10O B Tereshina
Rotunda churches of the Urals as an integral part of the world architectural heritage
2_1_11A Kolesova
Creating a brand character for making animations in 3D graphics editor
2_1_12L V Bulavina, L A Bannikova, A R Mukhametgaliyeva
Enhancing bus transit service efficiency under conditions of high street congestion
2_1_13N V Bakaeva, V A Gordon, I V Chernyaeva
Algorithm for assessing the comfort level of life support facilities and socially significant facilities by accessibility indicators
2_1_14T Vargot
Colour Science as one of the designer’s tools
2_1_15V Serebryanaya, Yu Kolyshev
Regional tradition in the architectural culture of Nizhneye Povolzhye (by the example of the Volgograd region)
2_1_16V Dormidontova
Architectural and landscape organization of Norra Djurgardsstaden in Stockholm
2_1_17L Surina, D Surin
Implementation of the conditions for successful preparation of the designer for project activities
2_1_19A S Vasilyev, V L Zemlyak, R E Boychin
A draft decision on the issue of urban expansion of a densely populated city
2_1_20M V Puchkov
Complex construction: urban design principles and the basis of sustainable development
2_1_21G A Ptichnikova, A V Antyufeev
War memorial architecture: Rossoshki military memorial cemetery, Russia
2_1_22N V Bakaeva, T M Novikova, T L Kuznetcova
State assessment of urban environment taking into account the development of engineering systems
2_1_25A Kopeva, O Khrapko, O Maslovskaia
Features of urban greening for people with visual impairment in Vladivostok
2_1_26O Ye Zheleznyak, M V Korelina
University environment today: problems and prospects of spatial organization. INRTU
2_1_27S D Voroshin
The formation of professional competencies and artistic values among students of architectural and design specialties in the process of exhibition activities of the Art Museum of the South Ural State University
2_1_28V Moor, E Erysheva, A Gavrilov
Semantic modelling as a means of forming an architectural object’s artistic image
2_1_29O A Rastyapina, V G Polyakov, E V Kalashnikova
Methods of evaluating yard area development in the context of urbanization
2_1_30E Shyshkin, K Viatkin, Y Haiko
Basic methodical design stages of renovation of municipal industrial development
2_1_31M B Permyakov, Т V Krasnova
Architectural image of modern police buildings in the context of safe urban environment
2_1_34T A Smolianinova
The architecture of the building of the former consulate of the Russian Empire at 85 Hongjun Street, Harbin during the first half of the 20th Century
2_1_35O O Smolina
Arborsculpture: a promising trend in the interior gardening of buildings
2_1_36O O Smolina
Arborsculpture theme park
2_1_37A A Kim
The origins of the formation and features of the manifestation of the Chinese Europeanized Architecture in mid-19th–second half of the 20th century
2_1_38O V Savina, N P Sadovnikova, D S Parygin
Analysis of options for using objects of a municipality property complex in urban area development management
2_1_39T V Belyaeva
The formation of open spaces in residential construction in view of decreasing the laibour intensity of their maintenance
2_1_40A Pankeieva, K Viatkin, О Zavalnіy
Items and proposals related to the suburban area-planning within the big city sphere of influence
2_1_41N A Saprykina
Ecological trends of the formation of spatial habitat Environment in architecture: precedents of the future
2_1_44E G Molotkova
Territory development in the Neva delta (1703-1844) - St. Petersburg model of urbanization
2_1_45S A Ershova, T N Orlovskaya
Differentiation of Russian megalopolises by the level of urban environment quality and the standard needs of the population
2_1_46M E Bazilevich
Industrial architecture of the Russian Far East in the context of the activities of the first architects and engineers
2_1_47S A Sadredinov, M E Bazilevich
To the problem of renovation of the industrial areasin Khabarovsk. Multifunctional waste processing complex on the site of the former Amurkabel plant
2_1_48S E Stetsenko, N A Yastrebova, O E Emelyanova
The main stages of landscape-environmental reconstruction of the "Green Ring" of Russian cities
2_1_49T Yu Bystrova
Determining the degree of degradation of a historical and architectural object: Assessment Scale
2_1_50A A Burik, A A Kim
The problem of designing research centers on the example of the Far Eastern Region
2_1_51S B Abramova, N L Antonova, A D Gurarii
A barrier-free urban space as an indicator of exercising the right to the city by individuals with disabilities
2_1_52N M Shabalina, S B Tasheva
Art metal in the space of a modern city
2_1_53S M Kurbatova, L Yu Aisner, V V Naumkina
Accessible environment as a means of ensuring the rights of persons with disabilities and as a task of the modern social state
2_1_54L A Filimonova, Y A Deviatkina (Abusheva)
Construction project as a tool for forming a comfortable and accessible environment: risks and threats
2_1_55N L Antonova, T I Musaev, P O Antonova
Right to the city: youth’s view to live in the city
2_1_56D S Tceluiko
Space structure of the Garden of Pleasance in the context of traditional private gardens of Suzhou
2_1_57D S Tceluiko
The architecture of banking institutions in Changchun city (1932-1945)
2_1_58I N Eterevskaya, M P Nazarova
Features of the socio-spatial organization of creative spaces of a modern city
2_1_60O Finaeva
Factors determining modern museum complexes architecture
2_1_61O Ye Zheleznyak
Winter city and the potential/space of Siberian identity
2_1_62I N Maltseva, N N Kaganovich, K A Tkachuk
To the problem of organization and design of psychoneurological complexes for children in the context of modern architecture
2_1_63V V Balakin
Protection of residential buildings from vehicle emissions using landscaping areas of various design
2_1_64S M Kurbatova, L Yu Aisner, V V Naumkina
Eco-city and Technopolis: Pros & Cons
2_1_65S V Ilvitskaya, V A Lobkov, T V Lobkova
The natural aspect in the visual comfort of the architectural space of an individual house
2_1_66I V Cherunova, A A Kuleshova, N B Kokuashvili
The study of urban factors in the human comfort system
2_1_67E G Molotkova
Building of alleviated territories of Vasilievsky Island
2_1_68A V Shleenko, A I Chernyaeva, N P Ermakova
Formation of comfortable urban environment in Russia based on international experience
2_1_70Zh Umorina
Standard modules in bionic architecture
2_1_72A Yu Zuev, D S Parygin, N P Sadovnikova
Study of the dependence of city development indicators from urban form
2_1_73N V Lamekhova
The role of ecological and environmental approach in shaping the architectural environment for preschool education
2_1_74N V Bystryantseva, R A Antonov, A F Balaev
Assessment of the impact of street lighting on usage activity of pedestrian traffic spaces on the example of the square in Saint Petersburg
2_1_75V D Olenkov, A D Biryukov, V A Sukhorukov
Using satellite images to study urban heat island and environmental monitoring
2_1_76O A Rastyapina, O A Ganzha, V V Prokopenko
Setting-up of ecological settlements to promote sustainable development of urban areas
2_1_77R V Silin, V F Kasyanov
Methodology for assessing quality of urban park functional zoning by factors affecting park environment comfortability
2_1_78E Dorozhkina
Architectural structures for the formation of vertical landscaping of buildings
2_1_79D G Chernyh
Plant-woven ornament as an ethno-cultural marker of the Orthodox community
2_1_80D G Chernyh, N V Raspopova
Font as a category of aesthetics and a means of communication in design, art, architecture
Раздел 3. Техносферная безопасность
Секция 3.1. Анализ, оценка и технологии снижения природного и техногенного риска
3_1_3N S Rasskasova, S A Belov
Influence of water quality on the autoclave leaching process (on the example of the Bereznyakovsky gold recovery factory)
3_1_4G N Akhobadze
Ozone layer destruction and ways of its recovery
3_1_5R G Kalyakina, A V Filippova, M V Ryabukhina
The current state of forest stands under anthropogenic impacts on the example of the Orenburg Urals
3_1_6E.M. Anhalt, L.A. Dobrodomova, Z.N. Ryabinina
Environmental and economic assessment of the impact of oil and gas production on the state of landscape and botanical complexes in the Urals
3_1_7A V Kuzmin, L N Gorina, A Demin
On the methodology for risk assessment in transport of dangerous goods by road
3_1_8A V Kuzmin, L N Gorina, A Demin
On making amendments to the safety data sheet for territories
3_1_9E A Khamidullina, T I Drozdova
Modern approaches to analysis of emergency risks in the Irkutsk Region
3_1_10E V Vasilieva, V M Fedorov
The improvement of safety and reliability of Ground dams and small pond dams
3_1_11A V Rybakov, E V Ivanov
Approach to substantiation of rational decisions on protection of fuel and energy complex objects to the impact of emergency explosions
3_1_12O V Udartseva
Assessment and method for reducing the risk of emergencies at enterprises using equipment operating under excessive pressure
3_1_13Е V Muravyeva, Е V Arefyeva, N Е Danilina
Improving the sustainability of cultural heritage sites using the INFORM Method
3_1_14Е V Muravyova, А V Utkin, B M Valiullin
Determining the vulnerability of educational institutions in terms of the requirements of the program "My city to prepare"
3_1_15E Yu Kulickova, S V Balovtsev
Risk control system for the construction of urban underground structures
3_1_16I A Ryabchikova, A V Petyukova
Assessment of occupational risks in the aircraft industry
3_1_17V A Alekseev, V P Usoltcev, S I Yuran
Analysis of the probabilistic-temporal characteristcs of wastewater of mechanical engineering enterprises
3_1_19S A Yaremenko, N A Bakaeva, K V Garmonov
Numerical modeling of the spread of harmful substances from gas stations
3_1_20A O Oznobihina
The role of diatomite in the cultivation of legume grasses in modified black soil models
3_1_21A S Tyusenkov, O R Latypov
Surfactants for improving the safety of oil plant equipment operation
3_1_22O R Latypov, A S Tyusenkov
Methodology for studying the corrosion of material of oil pipelines operating in marshy soil
3_1_23A V Kudryashov, A S Kalinina, Y O Tsurkan
Research of eyesight contrast sensitivity for the work with displays
3_1_24M V Rodicheva, A V Abramov, E M Gneusheva
Reducing the natural risk of the people working in the open area by clothing based on textile operating systems
3_1_25L Selyutina, E Pesotskaya, A Chernykh
Principles and basic provisions for a system for assessing the ecological potential of the modern ecosystem
3_1_26N N Orehkova, O E Gorlova, I V Glagoleva
Study of the separation of mineral phases of Waelz clinker for its disposal
3_1_27A V Gorbaev, N V Gorlenko, S S Timofeeva
Use of oil sludge as a combustible additive for the production of bricks
3_1_28T Yu Gumerov, L Z Gabdukaeva, T Yu Freze
Reducing the risk of hazards when working with radioactive substances and ionizing radiation
3_1_29T Yu Gumerov, T Yu Freze, L Z Gabdukaeva
Ensuring safety during the work with mercury and its inorganic salts
3_1_30A V Filippova, M V Rjabuhina, E R Hakimov
Monitoring of soil and plant complexes on forest fund lands in the area of influence of Orenburg oil and gas condensate field
3_1_31V L Romanovsky, E I Alekseeva, L N Gorina
Conducting a comparative analysis of the system state options under various external influences
3_1_32B V Sevastyanov, R O Shadrin, U A Osmachko
Organization of propaganda for the safe work production of a signaller and an automobile crane operator
3_1_33B V Sevastyanov, R O Shadrin, V A Lisin
On the application of methods of correlation-regression analysis and fuzzy logic in the analysis of industrial injury rates
3_1_34N R Bukeikhanov, S I Gvozdkova, E V Butrimova
Project concepts for combined fire-extinguishing systems
3_1_36E Zhilyakov, Z Monakhova, M Monakhov
Need for development of an optimal method for calculating the risk of action of contaminants on human health
3_1_37V N Permyakov, V L Martynovich
Safety assessment of gas lines crossings under railways
3_1_38N E Volkova, R Y Zakharov, L R Umerova
Ensuring the environmental safety of the Maliy Salgir river water ecosystem
3_1_39G Shirapova, S Morozov
Organochlorine pesticides in Baikal bivalve mollusc Colletopterum ponderosum sedakovi
3_1_40V Burlaenko
Accumulation of natural radionuclides by soil and vegetation in the South of the Tyumen region
3_1_41L A Filimonova, N K Skvortsova
Assessment and potential levels of technosphere industrial safety
3_1_42A V Zvyagintseva, S A Sazonova, V V Kulneva
Analysis of sources of dust and poisonal gases in the atmosphere formed as a result of explosions at quarries of the mining and integrated works
3_1_43D N Melkumov, E I Pogoreltseva, V V Khaustov
The forecast of changes in the natural and technogenic conditions of the built-up territory on the example of the "Northern" district of the city of Kursk
3_1_44S P Chumak
Technological process of rescue operations in conditions of mass destruction. System-integrative aspect and principles of organization
3_1_45A V Ignatyev
Methodology for comprehensive assessment of atmospheric air state in populated areas
3_1_46S A Timashev
Supraresilience of bio-socio-technical infrastructures
3_1_47S A Timashev, A V Bushinskaya
Macroeconomic aspects of maintenance optimization of critical key assets
3_1_48A Yu Bolshagin, A I Vyalyshev, V V Stoyanov
Automated system for operational chemical and radiation monitoring of water areas of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation with flooded underwater potentially dangerous objects
3_1_49E V Potapova
Expert-statistical approach to the analysis of geotechnical risks in the construction of metro facilities
3_1_50I Yu Oltyan, E V Arefyeva, A S Kotosonov
Remote assessment of an integrated emergency risk index
3_1_51A N Yasyreva, L V Poluyan, E S Guryev
Devising an integrated procedure for assessing fragmentation effects
3_1_52L V Poluyan, M G Malukova
Assessing functions of human risk, reliability and error probability
3_1_53Yu A Tunakova, A R Galimova, V S Valiev
Health risk assessment of childrens population on the delivery of metals with drinking water
3_1_54Yu A Tunakova, A R Shagidullin, V S Valiev
The achievement of technosphere safety of urbanized territories in the context of polymetallic contamination
3_1_57S G Abramyan, O V Oganesyan
Impact of earthworks on the atmosphere during the recon-struction and overhaul of trunk pipelines
3_1_59E V Kolodezhnaya, I V Shadrunova, M S Garkavi
Technological aspects of waste incinerator slag processing
3_1_60V A Pochechun, A I Semyachkov, V V Kuchin
Identification of formation factors for ecological state of soils, and impact of overburden
3_1_61R F Abdulkerimov, T V Chekushina, K A Vorobyev
Increasing efficiency of use of dryers at the gas-processing enterprises
3_1_62V E Konovalov, V A Pochechun, A I Semyachkov
Influence of mining complexes on agricultural lands of the Ural Region
3_1_64I A Arkanova, P A Markov
Determining the composition of therapeutic mud and sewage sludge of mud baths for their subsequent disposal
Секция 3.2. Промышленная экология и очистка сточных вод
3_2_1E Malyshkina
Classification of the sorbents capable of removing the petroleum products from Wastewater
3_2_2T Skorik, N Galkina, E Glazunova
Features of ventilation at the enterprises of metallurgy and mechanical engineering
3_2_3L A Porozhnyuk, N S Lupandina, E V Porozhnyuk
Use of vegetable oil refining waste to remove oil products from sewage
3_2_4A V Zvyagintseva, S A Sazonova, V V Kulneva
Technogenic impact of the heat and power plant on the environment and the development of environmental engineering measures
3_2_5A V Zvyagintseva, S A Sazonova, V V Kulneva
Development of engineering and technical environmental measures for technogenic atmospheric pollution by thermal power facilities
3_2_6R T Brzhanov, L I Sofronova, S A Abramova
Analysis and technology to reduce the impact of tailings on the ecology of local water bodies
3_2_7S Ts Khankhasaeva
Fe-Cu aluminosilicate catalytic materials for oxidation of azo dyes
3_2_8M R Sizykh, A A Batoeva
Development of technology for organic dyes removal from wastewaters
3_2_10G.F. Mantorova
Ecological differentiation of arable layers of leached chernozem and crop yields
3_2_11G F Mantorova
Ecological problems of tillage
3_2_12A A Batoeva, M R Sizykh, D G Aseev
Prospects for the using of alternative mercury-free sources of UV radiation in the processes of oxidative destruction of aqua-pollutants
3_2_13D G Aseev
Sonophotocatalytic (1.7 MHz, 254 nm) destruction of Bisphenol-A in aqueous solutions
3_2_15Y A Bulauka, V A Liakhovich, D N Adamovich
Reduction of airborne particulate matter emissions associated with petroleum coke production
3_2_16A A Abramova, E V Grakhova, V G Isakov
Migration of antibiotics in natural aquatic environment
3_2_17M Y Dyagelev, A M Nepogodin, E V Grakhova
Determination of the flotation effectiveness of industrial waste water in a laboratory
3_2_20E G Filatova, V I Dudarev, L A Begunova
Adsorption properties of nanostructured form of aluminium hydroxide ?-modification
3_2_21B Tsybikova
Solar energy efficient – AOP process for treatment of cyanide in mining effluents
3_2_22B Tsybikova
Photooxidation based on UV/H2O2 process for arsenic removal from aqueous solutions
3_2_24G S Kachalova, K A Chuklin
Sorption post-treatment of accumulator waste
3_2_26L A Begunova, V G Soboleva, E G Filatova
Study of the state of atmospheric air in the vicinity of non-ferrous metallurgy facilities and the power line tower damage
3_2_27I V Pchelnikov, R V Fedotov, S A Breus
On the choice of the water treatment technology for rural areas
3_2_30I M Tsenter, S A Popova, N M Garkusheva
Effectiveness of sonophotolysis for eliminating bisphenol A and bacteria from aqueous solution
3_2_31N Skvortsova, E Matys, E Uze
Options for evaluating the project efficiency: technospheric security factor
3_2_32S V Badmaeva
Removal of Congo Red Dye from aqueous solutions using natural clay of montmorillonite type
3_2_34E P Evseev, I V Zhuravleva, D M Isaenko
The analysis of flotation whey treatment
3_2_35N S Lypandina, L A Porozhnyuk, V M Gavrish
The use of vegetable oil waste for the sewage purification from dyes
3_2_37Sh A Odinaev, F A Malakhov, U A Yatimov
Monitoring and environmental features of development of Yahsu gold deposit (Yakhsu depression, Tajikistan)
3_2_38N P Bukalova
Statistically distributed characteristics of wastewater discharged from Kamskiy Kabel, LTD and containing organic phenolic compounds
3_2_39О I Ruchkinova, K А Karelina
Liquid and gas flow in the sewer network in the city of Perm
3_2_40О I Ruchkinova, K А Karelina
Substantiation of the permissible value of odor from sewerage system facilities
3_2_42A Yu Aleksandrova, S S Timofeeva
Features of overall and occupational morbidity rates among mine workers of marble and granite quarries of the Irkutsk Region
3_2_43I A Arkanova, М V Mochinskiy
Wastewater treatment technology with modified sorbent from the complex of household services
3_2_44S S Timofeeva, N V Gorlenko, S S Timofeev
Possibility of ecological remediation of oil production territories with the use of industrial hemp
3_2_45S S Timofeeva, S S Timofeev, A A Boboev
Phytoremediation potential of aquatic plants in Uzbekistan for the treatment of cyanide-containing wastewater