industrial engineering
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Раздел 1. Промышленное и гражданское строительство
Industrial and Сivil Engineering

Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
1_1_1U.A. Yatimov, A.J. Yatimov, N.S. Safaraliev, I.A. Yatimov, L.D. Safarov
Blast-Induced Seismicity Impact on the Stability of Hydraulic Structures
1_1_4I. Alaverdov, N. Buzalo, N. Tsaritova, A. Kurbanova, I. Platonova
Modeling of Connection Nodes of Elements Rod Structures
1_1_5M.A. Stepanov
The Actuality of Geotechnical Monitoring on the Example of Construction Objects in Tyumen
1_1_6A.Kh. Baiburin, D.A. Baiburin
Studying Patterns of Damage to Structures of Industrial Buildings
1_1_7A.N. Potapov, N.T. Tazeev
Analysis of Vibrations of a Constructively Nonlinear System with an Asymmetrical Arrangement of One-Way Connections
1_1_8V.S. Romanyuk, L.V. Klimova, V.M. Kurdashov, A.I. Izvarin, V.S. Yatsenko
Prospects for the Use of Painted Ceramic Facing Materials Using Man-Made Waste
1_1_11V. Shirokov, T. Belash
Parametric Studies of Intra-Modular Connections Stiffness
1_1_13M. Zolotareva, A. Ponomarev
Responsive Architecture as a Synthetic Field in Architecture and Construction
1_1_14A. Titunin, T. Vakhnina, I. Susoeva, A. Titunin
Use of Soft Wood Waste in the Production of Wood Particle Boards
1_1_16A.V. Nikitin, O.M. Zaborskaya
Assessing the Applicability of Sand Hydraulic Conductivity Calculation Techniques
1_1_17M.B. Permyakov, E.I. Pashkov, Т.V. Krasnova
Lining Application by Means of Guniting (Using Machine TOR-1)
1_1_18T.V. Shchukina, A.S. Efanova, I.S. Kurasov
Impact of the Coolant Flow Velocity on the Thermal Condition of Flat-Plate Solar Collectors
1_1_19A. Puzatova, S. Sokolnikova, M. Dmitrieva
Polymer-Cement Concrete Based on Polyvinyl Acetate Dispersion for Construction 3D Printing
1_1_21A.A. Sobakin, V.K. Fedorov
General Formula of Beams Strengthening
1_1_22I.L. Kostiunina, A.L. Rozovskii, S.N. Pogorelov
Determining the Water Demand of Fine Aggregates
1_1_23L.M. Vesova, A.A. Churakov
Increasing the Energy Efficiency of Buildings
1_1_24S. Sokolnikova, A. Puzatova, M. Dmitrieva
The Use of PVC Waste in Concrete with the Addition of PVAc
1_1_26S.A. Isupov
Bearing Capacity and Deformability of Connections of Wooden Structures on TGC Dowel Plates
1_1_27G. Averina, V. Koshelev, L. Kramar
Increasing the Resistance of Chloromagnesian Composites to Cracking under Prolonged Water Saturation
1_1_28R.A. Sadykov, A.K. Mukhametzianova
Steady-State Nonlinear Heat and Mass Transfer in Multilayer Enclosing Structures of Buildings and Constructions
1_1_30Ya. Lvovich, I. Lvovich, A. Preobrazhenskiy, Yu. Preobrazhenskiy
Modeling of Construction Objects when Considering Repair Characteristics
1_1_31I.A. Solovev, M.V. Shitikova, A.V. Mazaev
Static Three-Point Bending Tests on 3D Printed Multilayer Composite Plates
1_1_32R.T. Brzhanov, M.K. Suymenova, G.I. Espolay, K.M. Shaikhieva, B.S. Akmurzaeva
Stress-Strain Properties of Concrete at Early Freezing
1_1_33V.N. Sidorov, E.S. Badina, E.P. Detina
A Modified Implicit Scheme for the Numerical Dynamic Analysis of Beam Elements Considering Nonlocal in Time Internal Damping
1_1_34V.A. Solonina, I.A. Surovtsev, M.D. Butakova
Optimizing the Structure of Construction Mixes for 3D Printing
1_1_35V.A. Dmitrienko, S.A. Maslenikov, O.V. Pashkova, N.A. Dmitrienko
Evaluation of Deformation Properties of Portland cement mortars modified with microfiber
1_1_36E.P. Sharovarova, V.N. Alekhin
Energy-Saving Technologies for the Construction and Operation of Buildings in the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation
1_1_37A. Pichugin, A. Pchelnikov, O. Smirnova, S. Tkachenko
Influence of Surface Tension Forces of Modifiers on Some Properties of Composite Materials