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Раздел 2. Проектирование и строительство специальных и уникальных сооружений
Special and Unique Structures Construction

Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
2_1_1T. Belash, I. Svitlik
Damping of Structures of Earthquake-Resistant Suspended Buildings
2_1_2V.A. Korotkiy, E.A. Usmanova, L.I. Khmarova
The Design of Architectural Forms Based on Irregular Curves
2_1_3T.Yu. Bystrova, A.M. Postnikova, A.V. Garas
-Healthy- Architecture: Synthesis of Humanistic Approaches
2_1_4N.A. Saprykina
Features of Designing Unique Architectural Objects in Extreme Natural Environments: The Precedents of Application
2_1_6I.Yu. Shelekhov, M.I. Shelekhov
Optimization of Microclimate Parameters in Tent-Frame Buildings
2_1_7O.N. Medvedeva, S.D. Perevalov
Method of Hydraulic Calculation of Gas Distribution Networks