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"Строительство, архитектура и техносферная безопасность' 2021"

Фамилии авторов, название доклада
Секция 1. Промышленное и гражданское строительство
1_1_1Yu.Ya. Tyukalov
Stability analysis method of flat rod systems, based on forces approximations
1_1_3M. Shitikova, A. Krusser
Dynamic analysis of an elastic plate resting on a nonlinear fractional-order viscoelastic Pasternak foundation and subjected to moving load
1_1_7A.N. Potapov, N.T. Tazeev
Vibrations of a constructively nonlinear system with one-way connections
1_1_11A. Vasil’ev, Yu. Chudinov
Study of the stress-strain state of short hollow core slabs depending on the width
1_1_17V.V. Dolgusheva, A.M. Ibragimov
Operation analysis of the main arch-cable-stayed systems when operating under unevenly distributed and asymmetrically working loads
1_1_18M.P. Son, G.G. Kashevarova, A.D. Zemlyanukhin
Development of flexible joint for beam-to-column abutment
1_1_19Vu Thi Bich Quyen, Dao Ngoc Tien, Tran Thi Thuy Van
Dynamic finite element analysis of plane frame with nonlinear multi freedom constraints subjected to harmonic load using Penalty function method
1_2_9G. Averina, V. Koshelev, R. Zhivtcova
Influence of the chemical and mineralogical composition of dolomites of various deposits on the properties of MOC on its base
1_2_10R.A. Burkhanova, N.Yu. Evstafyeva, T.K. Akchurin, I.V. Stefanenko
Filling of epoxy polymers as a factor of obtaining a multi-component composition with improved strength properties
1_2_12F.L. Kapustin, S.N. Pogorelov
Binding agents of autoclaved hardening based on metallurgical slags
1_2_13A. Zakharov, A. Puzatova, M. Dmitrieva, V. Leitsin
Prospects for the use of fly ash from a thermal power plant of the Kaliningrad region in the construction industry
1_2_14Низина Т.А., Селяев В.П., Низин Д.Р., Канаева Н.С., Чернов А.Н.
Анализ влияния длительности натурного старения и влажностного состояния полимеров на удельный показатель накопленных повреждений под действием растягивающих нагрузок
1_2_15A.M. Makhmudov, B.Ya. Trofimov, K.V. Shuldyakov, B.R. Bokiev
Influence of the quantity and time of hardening ash of thermal power plants formation of the structure and properties of cement stone
1_2_20A.O. Zhurbenko, M.V. Tabanyukhova
The study of the stress state in girders braced with carbon fiber
1_2_21M.D. Butakova
Getting gypsum mixes based on construction waste
1_3_1V.D. Kudryavtseva, E.M. Litvinovsky, T.N. Shchelokova, E.V. Tararushkin
Using Linear Programming for Builder Brigades Optimization
1_3_3A.V. Kiyanets
Magnesium oxide mixture technology for construction printer
1_3_5L.A. Guzikova, N.V. Neelova
Financing housing construction in the Russian Federation using escrow accounts
1_4_1E. Sharovarova, V. Alekhin, S. Shcheklein, N. Novoselova, A. Hussein
Geothermal power supply of buildings in harsh climatic conditions
1_4_2G.N. Trubitsyna, V.S. Indykov, T.V. Maresyeva, L.G. Starkova
Study of jet flows of displacing and mixing ventilation in the auditorium using the ANSYS software package
1_5_1D.R. Safin, R.T. Zainullin, A.D. Safina
Experimental Study of Deformation of Soil Berms Retaining Pit Fence
1_5_3I.Yu. Dezhina
Problem-solving for moisture transport in loess
1_6_1O Finaeva, V Osadchaia
Application of BIM-technology in developing a two-room apartment interior design project
1_6_2K.V. Avdeeva, A.Y. Bukalova
Methodology for development of building information model to automate the process of obtaining estimates
1_6_3A. Semina, A. Shamarina, F. Picchio
Scan to HBIM technology problems: a case study of Holy Cross Exaltation Cathedral in Solikamsk, Russia
1_7_1А.Kh. Baiburin, D.А. Baiburin
Risk-based monitoring of the condition of industrial buildings
Секция 2. Проектирование и строительство специальных и уникальных сооружений
2_1_2L.V. Markin
Technique to calculate the solar cell shading when designing solar power plants
2_1_3L.A. Zhikharev
A Sierpiński 3D-fractals in construction. An alternative to topological optimization?
Секция 3. Градостроительство, проектирование объектов городской инфраструктуры
3_1_17N. Burilo
Analysis of landscape and urban planning of the coastal areas
3_1_18E.R. Polyantseva
Study of urban environment safety in a residential area in Yekaterinburg
3_1_19E. Saveleva
Identifying the mismatch between land-use and transport development in Russian cities
3_1_20V.D. Olenkov, A.D. Biryukov, A.O. Kolmogorova, V.A. Sukhorukov, A.V. Alemanov
Simulation of aerodynamic processes in the city to create a comfortable environment
3_1_21O.A. Rastyapina,V.G. Polyakov, S.O. Yaschenko
Modern principles of organization of production territories
3_1_22Демидова Т.О., Бурило Н.А.
Контроль роста территории городов путем реновации неблагополучных районов
3_1_26E.S. Novitskaya,T.N. Kolesnikova
The eco-positive design and planning of the educational facilities network in cottage commutnities
3_1_27N. Antonova, S. Abramova, A. Gurarii, P. Antonova
A right to the city: environmental safety and comfort in the city
3_1_28I.N. Maltseva, E.S. Zhilyakova, K.A. Tkachuk
Impact of the pandemic on the sustainable development of metropolitan residential complexes
3_2_5O.Ye. Zheleznyak, M.V. Korelina
University campus as a model of sustainable city environment
Секция 4. Техносферная безопасность
4_1_8A. Grishkova, A. Minibaev
A technical and economic evaluation of gas pipeline construction in Perm karst region
4_2_8O.E. Bezborodova, O.N. Bodin, A.V. Svetlov
Assessment of industry-related risks for human environmental well-being
4_2_12O. Ruchkinova, S. Maksimova, A. Maksimov, A. Ageeva
Environmental safety assessment of technological complexes for the processing and disposal of oil-containing waste in Perm Region
4_2_13V.E. Konovalov, V.A. Pochechun, A.I. Semyachkov
Current state of lands affected by mining activities in Ural region
4_2_16A.V. Kudryashov, Y.O. Tsurkan
Identifying significant safety aspects of lighting systems
4_2_18A.Ch.S. Gomes, V.A. Shcherba, K.A. Vorobyev, T.V. Chekushina
Analysis of associated petroleum gas (APG) utilization in Russia and abroad
4_4_1I.Yu. Shelekhov, E.I. Smirnov, M.I. Shelekhov
Assessment of the degree of reliability of thermoelectric power sources.
4_4_3G. Matafonova, S. Popova, I. Tsenter, N. Garkusheva, V. Batoev
Comparison of UV fluences (365 nm) for Water Treatment by Photo-Fenton-like Process
4_4_4M.G. Novosjolov, M.Yu. Belkanova
Parametric skeletal 3D modeling of an underground water aerator
4_4_5A.M. Fugaeva, M.V. Obukhova, E.I. Vialkova
The microwave heating features of wastewater and sludge
4_4_6A. Kruglikova
Change of liquid waste temperature in open wastewater treatment plants
4_4_9A. Abramova
Experimental research about ceftriaxone interaction with metal ions Cu, Ni, Pb in model solutions
4_4_12O. Grebneva, O. Lavygina, O. Vanteeva
Analysis of recreational zones negative impact on water area of Lake Baikal
4_4_13V. Ogasa, V. Isakov, A. Nepogodin, E. Grakhova
Wastewater treatment by Azolla filiculoides
4_4_14O. Medvedeva, T. Sautkina, E. Chesnokova
Development of method and device to improve the efficiency of natural and wastewater treatment
4_4_40M. Bryukhov, D. Ulrikh, S. Timofeeva
Peat and charcoal in treatment of iron-containig production wastewater in pipe industry