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"Строительство, архитектура и техносферная безопасность' 2023"

Фамилии авторов, название доклада
Секция 1. Промышленное и гражданское строительство
1_1_1A.I. Semyachkov, Yu.O. Slavikovskaya, V.A. Pochechun
Digital Platform for Construction of Environmental and Economic Water Resource Maps
1_1_2N.P. Umnyakova
Method for Calculating the Number of Transitions Through Zero Degrees in the Outer Layers of Enclosing Structures
1_1_3V.I. Loganina, K.V. Zhegera, I.Yu. Lavrov
Application of the Method of Digital Image Processing for Evaluation of Crack Formation of Paint Coatings
1_1_5G. Slavcheva, A. Levchenko, D. Karakchi-Ogli, D. Babenko
Mechanical Behaviour Feature of 3D-Printed Reinforced Compo-sites
1_1_6M. Filonova, S. Shirobokova, M. Shutova
BIM Technology for Creating Digital Doubles of Buildings: Implementation Analysis of Functional Complexity
1_1_7M.A. Stepanov, A.P. Shestakova
Accounting for Changes of Silty-Clay Soils Characteristics in the Ground Base of Buildings and Structures in the Process of Flooding of Territories
1_1_8M.Zh. Yeskaliyev, Z.R. Mukhametzyanov, A.S. Salov, A.A. Yudin, A.R. Biktasheva
Creation of Indicators of a Qualitative Component of a Construction Object at Operational Phases
1_1_9S.A. Isupov
Calculation Methodology for Constituent Wooden Rods on Discrete Shear Bonds
1_1_10Z.Y. Mukhambetzhan, D.A. Sinitsin, A.N. Pudovkin, A.K. Raschepkin, O.N. Rakhimova
Probabilistic Organizational and Technological Model of Engineering and Technical Preparation of the Construction of an Industrial Facility
1_1_11Wang Mingyuan, V.S. Rudnov, Tang Dongyang, Xiao Xinyuan, Liu Zhenzhi
The Efficiency of Self-Healing Cementing Materials
1_1_12M.S. Kim, V.Kh. Kim
Influence of Preliminary Decompression on Soil Swelling Pressure
1_1_15N. Tsaritova, A. Kurbanov, A. Kurbanova, A. Shtankevich
Computer simulation of a prefabricated spatial framework
1_1_16A.V. Levchenko, M.V. Shitikova
The analysis of the Strength Characteristics of Rubber Concrete as Compared with Ordinary Cement Concrete
1_1_17D.A. Lyashenko, V.A. Perfilov, M.E. Nikolaev, E.Yu. Kozlovceva
Modification of fine concrete with carbon nanotubes
1_1_18S. Savin, M. Sharipov
Specific Energy Absorbed by Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Under Static and Dynamic Loading
1_1_21A. Kogai, A. Puzatova, M. Dmitrieva
Modification of Fine Multicomponent Concrete with Activated Component-Based Additive
1_1_23Y.M. Ermolov, A.A. Vasilchenko, L.V. Klimova, Yu.R. Piskunova
Structure and energetics of mineral–water interfaces: Application to clay-based building materials
1_1_24Z. Abaev, A. Valiev, M. Kodzaev
Large Panel Reinforced Concrete Buildings Inelastic Behavior Modeling Approach for Nonlinear Seismic Analysis
1_1_25A.Yu. Lopatin, V.D. Eskin, A.I. Krivorotova, A.E. Tyumentseva
Recycling of Waste from the Woodworking Industry into Eco-Friendly Materials for Construction
1_1_26Tien Dao Ngoc, Quyen Vu Thi Bich, Tan Giap Van
Penalty Function Method for Geometrically Nonlinear Buckling Analysis of Imperfect Truss with Multi-Node Constraints Based on Mixed FEM
1_1_27Pham Van Trung, Nguyen Vu Thiem
Optimization of Plane Frames with Variable Cross-Section
1_1_30D.V. Gromov, L.V. Radionova, I.N. Erdakov, L.A. Glebov, A.S. Lunegova
Reducing the Metal Consumption of the Formwork Profile for Monolithic Construction
Секция 2. Проектирование и строительство специальных и уникальных сооружений
2_1_2O.A. Baev, A.V. Kolganov, V.F. Talalaeva
Designs and Technologies for Creating Impervious Screens at Reclamation Facilities
2_1_3M.I. Bochkov, V.A. Ignatyev
Development of Single-Node Finite Elements for the Calculation of Systems with Unilateral Constraints by FEM in the Form of the Classical Mixed Method
2_1_4A.V. Ignatyev, I.S. Zavyalov
Technique for Solving Finite Element Systems of High-Order Linear Algebraic Equations Describing the Stress-Strain State of One-Dimensional and Two-Dimensional Structures
2_1_5O. Kumpyak, Z. Galyautdinov, D. Galyautdinov, N. Zboykova
Experimental Studies of Reinforced Concrete Beams, Taking into Account the Reaction of Thrust on Compliant Supports under Short-Term Dynamic Loading
2_1_6V.A. Korotkiy, E.A. Usmanova, L.I. Khmarova
Freeform Surfaces in Architectural and Structural Design
2_1_7N.A. Saprykina
Transformation of Vectors the Formation of Unique Architectural Objects When the Frame of the Situation Changes
2_1_8L.Yu. Stupishin, K.E. Nikitin, M.L. Moshkevich
The process of Progressive Limiting State and Determination of the Residual Strain Energy of a Structure Based on the Force Method
2_1_9G. Zakharova
Historic building information modeling in the context of architectural education
Секция 3. Градостроительство, проектирование объектов городской инфраструктуры
3_1_2V.Yu. Spiridonov, V.A. Kolyasnikov, S.G. Shabiev
The Rationale and Principles of "Smart Urban Planning"
3_1_3A. Manko, V. Vinogradova, M. Voropaeva, A. Ganshina, O. Matyukhova
Concept Project for the Comprehensive Renovation of the Urban Area of the Microdistrict
3_1_4I.N. Maltseva, N.N. Kaganovich
Contextual Approach in the Process of Integrating Modern Buildings into The Architectural and Spatial Environment of Historical Centers in Large Cities
3_1_5O.O. Korenkova
Dynamics of Development of Public Green Spaces in the City of Simferopol
3_1_6A. Gushchin, M. Divakova
Long-term Risks of Urban Landscape Transformation
3_1_7T. Bystrova, E. Alekseeva, V. Litovskiy
Hydropower System of the Ural Factory City as a Unique Object of Industrial Heritage
3_1_8A. Korobeynikova, N. Danilina, I. Teplova
Forming the Coherence of the Cultural and Social Framework in the Arctic Settlements Using GIS-Technologies
3_1_9N.V. Lamekhova
Ecopositive Environment at a Preschool Educational Institution
3_1_11M.T. Abylgazieva, Т.А. Аbleshov
Use of Water Resources and the Irrigation Network of the Chui Valley
3_1_12Ю.В. Макунина, О.С. Карпусь
Потенциал исторической среды как стимул стратегического развития
Секция 4. Техносферная безопасность
4_1_1A.M. Fugaeva, E.I. Vialkova
Reagent Treatment of Domestic Wastewater in Arctic Settlements from Ammonium Ions
4_1_6E.V. Kolodezhnaya, M.S. Garkavi, I.V. Shadrunova, O.E. Gorlova, K.A. Vorobyev
Use of non-magnetic fraction of metallurgical slags in carbon dioxide sequestration technology
4_1_7A.V. Ryabova, A.I. Izvarin, A.A. Timofeeva, L.A. Yatsenko, P.O. Orlovsky
Study of the Composition of the Activating Mixture for the Production of Foamed Geopolymer Materials
4_1_9R.T. Akmatov, O.A. Karymshakov, Zh.O. Karamoldoev, T.M. Choduraev
Changes in Runoff During the Growing Season in the Upper Reaches of the Naryn River in the Context of Global Climate Change
4_1_10D.V. Martynov, O.E. Bezborodova, O.N. Bodin, M.Yu. Rudyk, A.A. Trofimov
Subject-economic Groups for the Information-Measuring System for Determining the Ecological Well-Being of a Person
4_1_11M. Dyagelev
Removing Biogenic Elements from Urban Sewage: Technology Review
4_1_12N.G. Vurdova
Environmental and Economic Balance in the Refurbishment of the Sewage Treatment Plant
4_1_14A.Yu. Semeykin, E.V. Klimova, O.N. Tomarovschenko, V.A. Petrova, I.A. Kochetkova
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System Using Fuzzy Logic Methods (Harrington Desirability Function)
4_1_15V.S. Romanyuk, T.A. Bondareva, V.M. Kurdashov, N.A. Vilbitskaya, A.A. Yakovenko
Prospects for the Use of Drilling Sludge from the Oil Fields of the Southern Federal District as Raw Materials for the Production of Ceramic Building Bricks
4_1_17B.M. Goltsman, V.A. Smoliy, Yu.V. Novikov, V.S. Yatsenko, D.A. Golovko
Study of the Effect of Zirconium Dioxide on the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Foamed Geopolymer Materials for Construction Purposes Based on Coal Combustion Waste at Arctic Thermal Power Plants
4_1_18E.A. Yatsenko, S.V. Trofimov, A.A. Chumakov, S.A. Vilbitsky, N.S. Goltsman
Evaluation of the Physical and Performance Properties of Porous Polymers Depending on the Curing Mode
4_1_19E.D. KHetsuriani, V.L. Bondarenko, O.A. Surzhko, T.E. KHetsuriani, A.A. Asatryan
Conceptual Foundations of Methodology in the Creation and Development of a Class of Natural-Technical Systems
4_1_21N. Orekhova, N. Fadeeva, E. Musatkina, L. Isaeva
Study of Primary Graphite Separation Products for the Creation of Petroleum Product Sorbents on Their Basis
4_1_22L. Adamtsevich, A. Adamtsevich
Methodology for Predicting Work on the Maintenance and Repair of Urban Facilities Using Machine Learning
4_1_23K.A. Vorobyev, I.V. Shadrunova, T.V. Chekushina
The Carbon Dioxide Capture Potential of Ash and Slag from Waste Incineration Plants
4_1_30S.S. Timofeeva, O.V. Tyukalova
Penicillin Antibiotics and Their Phytotoxicity
4_1_31O.A. Samodolova, A.P. Samodolov, D.V. Ulrikh, M.N. Bryukhov
Using Constructed Wetlands to Clean Wastewater from Various Sources