industrial engineering
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Раздел 3. Градостроительство, проектирование объектов городской инфраструктуры
Urban Engineering and Planning

Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
3_1_1M.N. Shabalina
Industrial Renovation in Context Sustainable Urban Development
3_1_2E. Prutskova, O. Finaeva
The Compositional Regulation of the Historic Environment and Urban Planning
3_1_3N.V. Kuznetsova, P.V. Monastyrev
Integrating Standard Residential Buildings with Architecture and Space of Historically Sensitive Environment
3_1_4I.N. Maltseva, E.S. Zhilyakova
Relationship between the Formation of Post-Covid Residential Complexes and the Architecture of Soviet Commune Houses
3_1_6A. Antonets, N. Buzalo, M. Trubchaninov, S. Scherbakov
Improving the Efficiency of Urban Wastewater Treatment Plants Based on Information Modeling
3_1_8N. Burilo, A. Kruglikova, A. Tsyba, I. Makarikhina, A. Volikova
Comprehensive Analysis of Pedestrian and Walking Spaces of Cities (Including Coastal Areas)
3_1_10V.D. Olenkov, A.V. Alemanov, A.O. Kolmogorova, A.E. Sarayeva, E.S. Sozikina
The Influence of the Building Configuration on the Occurrence of Increased Wind Speeds