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Раздел 4. Техносферная безопасность
Engineering Structure Safety, Environmental Engineering and Environmental Protection

Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
4_1_2I. Gadolina, N. Dinyaeva, M. Bubnov
Irregular Process Type Effect on Fatigue Crack Propagation Rate
4_1_4Kh.D. Boboev, R.T. Abdullozoda, O.S. Sayfiddinzoda, I.T. Abdullozoda, K.V. Ivshina
Ensuring the Safety of a Quarry Distribution Network with a Voltage of 6-35 kV
4_1_5O. Grebneva, O. Lavygina, O. Vanteeva
Analysis of Recreational Zones Negative Impact on Water Area of Lake Baikal
4_1_6V.A. Pochechun, V.E. Konovalov, A.I. Semyachkov
Basic Procedure to Estimate the Accumulated Environmental Damage Caused by Mining Facilities as Exemplified by the Kachkanar Tailing Dump in the Middle Urals
4_1_7Д.Г. Асеев
Метод окисления Бисфенола А основанный на высокочастотном ультразвуке и низконапорной гидродинамической кавитации
4_1_8N. Umnyakova, I. Shubin
Technosphere Safety in Russia by Ensuring Carbon Neutrality in the Face of Climate Change
4_1_9A.A. Tretyak, A.A. Chumakov, V.A. Smoliy, D.A. Golovko, N.S. Goltsman
Drilling Waste as a Promising Man-Made Material for the Synthesis of Aluminosilicate Proppant
4_1_10A. Bushinskaya, S. Timashev
Application of Kaniadakis ?-Statistics to Load and Impact Distributions
4_1_11S. Timashev, A. Bushinskaya
Specifics of Applying the Fragility Theory to Technical Systems and Structures
4_1_12S. Manzhilevskaya
Algorithm and Models of Technical Solutions to Reduce Dust Pollution on Construction Sites
4_1_13S.V. Fedosov, A.A. Lazarev, V.G. Kotlov, V.G. Malichenko, D.E. Tsvetkov
Suspended Ceiling Safety for Firefighters in Case of Fire in the Attic
4_1_14Yu.E. Tokach, A.A. Balakhonov, V.Yu. Zhilenko, V.A. Doroganov, M.M. Flores Arias
Biocidal Corrosion-Resistant Composite Coatings from Industrial Waste
4_1_15E.A. Yatsenko, B.M. Goltsman, S.V. Trofimof, Yu.V. Novikov, T.A. Bondareva
Influence of Modifying Additives on the Structure and Properties of Porous Geopolymer Building Materials Based on Solid Fuel Combustion Waste of Arctic Thermal Power Plants
4_1_16N.D. Yatsenko, A.I. Yatsenko, N.A. Vilbitskaya, O.I. Sazonova, R.V. Savanchuk
Structural Ceramics Low-Temperature Phases Colouring Theoretical Basics and its Colour Management
4_1_17A.M. Kapizova, A.G. Chernyshova, O.M. Shikulskaya
Industrial Environmental Monitoring System in the Astrakhan Region
4_1_18M.V. Chikir, L.V. Poluyan
Bayesian Network Modeling for Analysis and Prediction of Accidents in Railway Transportation of Dangerous Goods
4_1_19A.V. Ryabova, V.D. Tkachenko, I.V. Rusakevich, I.D. Morozov, A.N. Ivanov
Waste from Extraction, Enrichment and Combustion of Solid Fuels is a Promising Raw Material for the Synthesis of Geopolymer Materials
4_1_21K.A. Vorobyev, I.V. Shadrunova, T.V. Chekushina
The Possibility of Using Lithium-Containing Waste in the Russian Federation
4_1_31M.G. Novosjolov, D.V. Ulrikh
Artificial Intelligence for Water Supply Systems
4_1_32O.A. Samodolova, A.P. Samodolov, D.V. Ulrikh, S.S. Timofeeva
Using Wheat Straw for Treatment of Urban Surface Water Run-offs
4_1_33S.S. Timofeeva, M.S. Tepina, O.V. Tukalova
Sorption Properties of Composite Materials Based on Hemp Hulls and the Byproducts of Silicon Production Used to Remove Antibiotics from Wastewater